My Pet Research Paper

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VU21469 Yating chang GEC000007P Task 1 1. Amy beautiful dog. 2. I have a beautiful dog. He is really cute and is like a little baby. When he was a puppy he was like a little kitten and a cartoon cow. He doesn’t like taking a bath and his eyes are blue and bright. 3. His name is Lobo. He is a Siberian Husky and he is like a real wolf and he wails like a wolf. I love him all my life and I think that he love me too. 4. Ihave a Siberian Husky and his name is Lobo. He is like a real wolf. He is really cute and is like very lovely. His eyes are blue and bright. I love him all my life and I think that he love me. 5. A 12 years old girl from China. 6. (b) 7. It’s name is Lobo and Siberian Husky. 8. Beautiful, sweet, cute, lovely, bright, happy. 9. Like…show more content…
High and sky, pass and grass, did and hid, call and all, cold and old, tree and me. 14. Three verses. 15. Four lines. 16. Eight syllables. 17. (a) 18. The wind toss the kites one high and blow the birds about the sky. 19. Are you young or old? Are you a beast of field and tree? Or just a stronger child than me? 20. The boy could not see the wind. Task4 I met my boyfriend two years ago. He just is a boss for me. I think he is nice. There are many backpackers live together in my house. We talk and laugh everyday. I like this life. My job is packing grapes in grape farms. Packing is very hard for a new people. But he taught us everyday, again and again. I always told to him that I can’t packing. He always taught me how to packing patiently and told to me every grape trees differently. Even he did this job many years, he still learn it. Once the farmer found me packing is not good and told to him. He was very angry. First time I saw him so angry. I knew this is my wrong. I knew he was working with the farmer that has pressure. So he let me day off. When I stay at hone, he ask me if I eat anything. He baught something to come home to give me . I knew he is a good men. He hope every workers when they work can focus their job, so he tried to help
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