Amy Carmichael Essay

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As a young girl, Amy Carmichael was very involved in the ministry. Growing up in a religious family helped mold her into what she would grow up to be. Amy, a young girl with a servant’s heart, devoted her life to helping others, especially other girls and women. This prepared her for the next fifty she would spend on the mission field. Because she was involved in the ministry at an early age, Amy Carmichael became one of the greatest missionaries and left behind an amazing legacy. On December 16, 1867, Amy Carmichael, the oldest of seven children, was born to David and Catherine Carmichael. She grew up on the north coast of Ireland, taught by governesses during her younger years and eventually sent to boarding school when she entered her…show more content…
She attended many conventions headed by the Keswick Movement, spiritually growing each time. This is where she met and became closely acquainted with Mr. Robert Wilson, a cofounder of the movement. When she was in her early twenties, Mr. Wilson invited Amy, who reminded him of his late daughter, to stay and live with him at his home, Broughton Grange. Amy accepted, unaware she was another step closer to her calling. Mr. Wilson, also referred to as the Dear Old Man, had two sons who were apprehensive of Amy’s sudden intrusion into their home and lives. During her stay at the Grange, Amy helped in meetings at the Scripture Union, became loved among the children, and hosted gatherings for young women at the Grange much to the disapproval of the Wilson brothers. It was on January 13, 1892 when Amy realized that God was calling her to a foreign field. She struggled with the fact that she would have to leave Mr. Wilson, always under the impression she would be there for him until his passing. She wrote to her mother, read many Scripture passages, and prayed. Although it was just as difficult for Mr. Wilson as it was for Amy, he was one of the few who supported her in her decision. This decision, however, was not fulfilled due to the doctor’s refusal to give her approval to
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