Amy Chua And Rosin Analysis

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Becoming a parent is no easy task, especially when the fate of your child’s happiness is at stake. Amy Chua and Hanna Rosin both have their children’s best interest at heart, their happiness. Everyone has a different style of parenting. Chua believes that the stricter you are with your children and the more success they have, the happier they become. Hanna Rosin has the complete opposite approach to parenting in regards to her children, she believes that letting the child choose their own path will instill happiness whether they succeed or not. Hopefully by understanding each of their point of views people will see that not everyone’s way of parenting is write or wrong, that regardless we all want the same thing, for our children to be happy.…show more content…
Chua provides insight that you must be the best to be successful in life. Acquiring the role of “Villager number Six” to any Chinese child would be a disgrace to their family, not having the lead would show weakness and dishonor. Western American parents praise their children for acquiring any sort of role as long as it makes them happy; being the best isn’t always the number one priority. Chua refuses to let her children lack in any area of life. Success is not a option but a must for the Chinese mother, there is no option to not succeed. Chua said, “Happiness comes from mastery, nothing is fun until you are good at it”. If you are not good or the best at what you are doing then no happiness will come from it. Rosin provides insight that you’re children will not be good at something if they don’t actually enjoy it. If you are forcing them to play an instrument they don’t like then why would they even want to succeed at

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