Amy Gutmann's Theory Of Education Essay

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Education can be explained as the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits, and is the most valuable resource that one could have in life as, firstly, education facilitates learning and critical thinking, secondly, it allows for dreams of the future in terms of success to become a reality and lastly, it prevents the children of today from risking their future due to the influence of environmental hazards (Brooks, 2006). After studying the points discussed, it can be said that education plays an important role in the development of each and every human being and is not on categorized under scholarly education but rather any experience that allows an individual to broaden his/her knowledge. Amy Gutmann, an American political theorist proposed a theory surrounded around the democratic state of education requiring parents and states - to surrender some educational authority to professional education staffs’, also indicating that the children of today do not just benefit from freedom of choice, or identification with and participation in the positive aspects of their family and political aspects of the society. Amy’s theory is based on the characterisation of the three models of educational control namely Locke’s Theory of Parental control,…show more content…
Amy encourages participation from all three groups but notes that the government and parents should have limited contributions due to their lack of knowledge of the occurrences in the classroom. In the theory of democratic education, provided by Amy Gutmann, she calls upon the education system to take full responsibility for providing students with the skills and knowledge capable of enabling them to develop the level of democratic leadership. This is also valid for the improvement of democratic
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