Brief Summary: The Autobiography Of Amy Tan

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Autobiography of Amy Tan
Amy Tan is one of the women writers from Chinese-American background. Her parents were Chinese immigrants. She was born in Oakland in 1952 (Barclay 2). During her childhood, she faced many awkward and embarrassing situations because of her family’s Chinese traditions and customs which always made her feel like an outsider. But later part of her life she understood about her Chinese origin and real identity (Opposite 121). She thought of communicating all these feelings and issues pertaining to ethnicity, family relationships and emotional bonding though all her novels. She mirrors her memories of the past being the rebellious teenager, she joined in the "rock 'n roll" band and completely avoiding her Chinese
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When Daisy was nine years old, she witnessed her mother’s death right in front of her, which had brought death close to her heart throughout her entire life (Opposite 102). All these things made Daisy to become as a harsh natured person; both Daisy and Tan’s arguments were unavoidable. They had delicate issues between them, yet before Daisy died, she apologized to Tan for her harshness. Despite Daisy being very strict, Tan had many sweet memories of her mother which became as a part of her stories in novels. Tan’s grandmother, life is portrayed in The Kitchen God's Wife, had been raped and forced to become a concubine (Salon 1). Also, Tan's grandmother is reflected in the character of Precious Auntie in The Bonesetter's Daughter. Tan saw strength of her mother and grandmother’s life, which she used through her stories along with their hardship and
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