Amy Tan Broken English Language Analysis

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1. The main kind of detail Amy Tan used in her essay was discussing how the difficult English language is .and how the new learners struggle learning it, they must go through the difficult process of learning the traditional language. The two points the strikes or interested me is when she described her mom’s language as “broken language” and the second point was when she called it “limited English”. These word touched my hart because I still remembered when I came to the USA and how difficult to speak the language. At the beginning my English language was broken just like tan’s mom. That why I got interested in the two point that she made.
2. My expectation of her first sentence is that she had no experience speaking English .i thought that she is going to discuss how she struggle with it personality , but it was an ironic narrative it turns out to be her mom whose struggling with it. I think she chose to begin by denying her own
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She categorized it into two categorize the first one is professional English that she use at work with boss and employees, and the second category is family English “broken English” she use it with her mom and family. These divisions were very important and affected tan because she had to be aware which English to use.
4. Tan know that the literary audience will have a higher expectation of her writing .therefore, she doesn’t write in the manner in which her mom would speak” broken English”. She thinks an English scholar or students would be easily being able to understand what Tan convey through her story. Tan also stated “fortunately, for reason I won’t get into today, I later decided I should envision a reader for the stories I would write. And the reader I decided upon was my mom”.
5. There are two different languages that I use in my life. The languages are English and Arabic. I use both languages with family and friends, but in unprofessional manner. When speaking at work or formal people I speak it in a professional
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