Amy Tan Figurative Language Essay

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Figurative Language



The purpose of Tan’s essay is to show readers the vital role that language plays in everyday life and show that the quality of a person’s ideas does not rely on their knowledge or application of standard language.

The audience could be aimed at generally anybody who is interested in English. More specifically, it could be targeted at people who do have encountered problems with language barriers.

Tan had a minor epiphany while giving a speech with her mother in the audience. She realized the different variations of English she exchanges between her mother, husband, and the rest of the
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She also appeals to ethos when mentioning that her mother read the Forbes report, listened to Wall Street Week, and read Shirley MacLaine’s books.

Tan appeals to pathos when she stated that she is “someone who has always loved language” and is “fascinated by language in daily life.” She appeals to pathos again by stating that her mother’s language was “the language that helped shape the way I (she) saw things, expressed things, and made sense of the world.” She also appeals to pathos by describing how terms such as “broken” or “fractured” English bothered and offended her. Summary/Reflection: The use of dialogue and method of comparison are constantly used to help Tan develop and support her essay. Through the dialogue and comparison used, Tan is able to effectively display the differences in language between herself, her mother, and the rest of the world (such as the stockbroker and doctors handling the CAT scan.) Along with the use of dialogue and comparison, Tan’s essay focuses on numerous appeals to ethos and pathos, but not many appeals to logos. The use of multiple rhetoric strategies and references to personal anecdotes help Tan to successfully convey her message and achieve her
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