Amy Tan Short Story Essay

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Amy Tan: Background and Success Amy Tan is a very famous author and is known for successful moving stories of Chinese-American mothers and daughters. Currently, Amy Tan has written over 80 books/novels with many reaching New York Times as bestseller. Amy Tan’s passion for writing was strong ever since as a child. When she was eight years old, she won a essay contest, which ignited her passion for writing. Afterwards, Amy Tan dreamed of writing novels and short stories, which later became a reality. Tan’s first ever novel, “The Joy Luck Club”,was published in 1989 and gained huge popularity, sold astonishing of 275,000 copies upon its release. Her vivid idea as an writer came from all of her surroundings. Much of Amy Tan’s novel is related to her personal…show more content…
Very similar indication to Amy and her own mother, with the characters of an daughter name Waverly and her mother not always on equal terms. Waverly is written as a representation of Amy, not having good terms with her mother. In the story, Waverly is constantly annoyed with her mother high expectation and habit to pridefully to use her to show off . Waverly would describing her situation with “My mother would proudly walk with me, visiting many shops, buying very little. “This my daughter Waverly Jong.” she said to whoever looked her way” (1485). The characteristic of Waverly’s mother is apparent to Daisy Tan as she also looks her daughter highly to bring fame to the family. Both mother seems a little controlled by not listening to their daughter request. For example,Waverly’s mother forcefully put her in a chess tournament without consent and Daisy chose Amy’s education in college to be neurosurgeon. In comparison, they are not much different from one to another. While, it is a only 2 fictional characters made by Amy, it is obvious it’s about her relationship with her own mother as an child or
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