Amy Tan Two Kinds Summary

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In the story “Two Kinds”, the author, Amy Tan, proposes to make readers think of the meaning behind the story. She doesn’t speak out as an analyzer to exemplify what is the real problem between her and her mother. As a substitute, she uses her own point of view as a speaker to state what she is knowledgeable in and what she feels in her mind all along in the story. She has not judged what is right or wrong based on her beliefs. Instead of learning how to solve a family issue, thse author selects to engrave a description diary encompassing her true feeling towards actions during her childhood, which offers readers not only a pure interpretation, but understanding on how the narrator feels discouraged due to failing her mother’s potentials which leads to a large fight between the narrator and her mother. Children carry the weight of parent’s hopes when they grow up and face emotive paths to create an identity. In Ben Xu’s article titled “Memory and Ethnic Self…” he states that Lena does not who she is, and cannot hold herself together any longer. It’s almost like she is allowing herself to be borne into this commotion of life. Because of her mother’s memory, she needs…show more content…
This may stray away from the thesis, but it all ties together so the reader may see all times of viewpoints. Mistri talks about how remarkably, none of these mothers’ longs for her daughter to be Chinese following nothing but Chinese ways, for each woman has come to America with the intent of making a better life in which her family would know the renowned American feats. The structure of this short story sequence becomes a essential representation for the thematic features that link these stories to each other, connecting an understood dialogue among the four mothers and their daughters as they tell their
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