Amy Winehouse Inevitable In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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“There’s no way out of this,’ he told him. ‘It’s as if it had already happened.” Pablo Vicario; Chapter 3, A Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1981)
Amy Jade Winehouse was, according to Lady Gaga, the girl who changed pop music forever. She died at twenty-seven years of age on the 23 July, 2011. She left behind an extraordinary legacy, joining the likes of the great Billie Holiday in the panoply of tragic heroes who continue to influence generations of musicians. This essay looks to answer the question as to whether her untimely death was inevitable. Whether, like Marquez’s Santiago Nasar, no one saw the signs or simply ignored them, and thereby condemning her. Or whether they saw the signs and chose to do nothing
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Mitchell Winehouse is guilty of abusing his daughter. When his daughter left it to him to decide whether she needed to go to rehab, incredulously he said ‘no’. He prioritised her concerts before her health. When Amy died, his immediate reaction was to talk about the Foundations he would be launching in her name, rather than going through the throes of grief more normal man who has lost his daughter. He has gone on to release a book about Amy and has sold two jazz albums of his own, clearly off the back of the legend that is his daughter. He is a selfish man who broke a family apart, but that does not necessarily mean he condemned his daughter. According to research published in The Huffpost by Gail Gross in 2015, children mimic the behaviour of their parents through observation so as to learn. Although this mainly applies to babies and toddlers, it also applies to children as they grow up through adolescence. They continue to observe and learn from the behaviours of their parents’. It is fair to argue, therefore, that Mitch shaped much of what Amy would become in terms of her own behaviours and attitudes. But that remains true for many children who go on to lead less destructive
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