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Amy Winehouse is a legend and the music she created was incredible. She sung in the styles of Jazz, Soul, Blues and reggae which made her popular to many audiences and instantly she was different from the rest. In this essay I intend to give you a brief overview on Amy’s background and then I will explore Amy Winehouse’s Vocal and musical influences such as Sarah Vaughan who was an American Jazz singer and many more. Once I’ve covered that topic I will go on to discuss her appeal to a contemporary audience. The resources I will be using are Websites based on Amy Winehouse’s musical influences, Her documentary and books such as ‘’Amy Amy Amy the Amy Winehouse story by Nick Johnstone’’
Amy was a Jewish girl who was born in England. She grew
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The music of Amy Winehouse I’ve been listening to are her most popular ones from her album Frank ‘’Stronger than me’’ and her second album Back to black with her number one hit ‘’Rehab’’ as they are personally my favourite. While listening to both of these songs you can clearly tell her songs are very much influenced by jazz. Jazz is all about improvising. It takes a lot of skill to be able to perform unwritten lyrics to an audience and have your band respond to you. Jazz also consists of syncopation. This is when two rhythms are played against each other and that’s how jazz gets its swing and like Duke Ellington says in his song "It don 't mean a thing if it ain 't got that swing." Also in jazz blue notes take place when a musician plays through a scale and exaggerates some of the notes. While I’ve been listening to both albums it seems that her first one is more jazz while her second has more guitar in it. I personally believe this could be because Amy wanted to experiment with other styles such as soul, pop and reggae. For example, in Amy’s second album she sings a song called ‘’Take the Box’’ which is much more pop rather than jazz due to the slang she uses and her backing vocals being more pop but still was

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