Amy Winehouse Personality

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Amy winehouse , the controversial pop star was born on 14 september , 1983, in london , England . Amy was born jewish with russian origin on her mothers’s side , her family was kind of interesting as her father was a taxi driver and her mother was a pharmacist , they’ve always shared her love for music and supported her and raised her on jazz and pop music and many of her relatives were professional musicians . Winehouse earned her first guitar when she was thirteen and taught herself how to play . Amy went to Sylvia Young Theatre School but because of her rebellious character she was exbelled , she pierced her nose and tattooed her body . She went to BRIT school , and started her career at the age of sixteen , performing club…show more content…
Amy like many musicians had her own style that represents her repellious character , her tiny thin body and her long black hair , tattoos covered her arms and her chest , her thick eyeliner that many thought it was tattooed to her eye lids , she was best known with this special edgy look that was criticized by many . The glory and success she achieved after ‘back to black’ didn’t last . At the end of 2008 Amy was voted the second most hated personality in the UK for her addiction problems , Amy’s reputation was a sort of debate ; some loved her voice and appreciated her talent , others ignored that talent and focused on criticizing her and her personal life . Keith ledger warned that she won’t last too long if her attitude doesn’t change and unfortunately he was right . On 23 july , 2011 Amy winehouse was found dead in her appartment in london , she passed away at the age of 27 because of her alcohol addiction . Hundreds of Amy’s family and friends like Mark ronson and Kelly Osbourne attended the funeral in london , many flew from another countries to say goodbye to Amy for the last time . Grief and saddness took over the place , which proves that amy was loved by many . Mr Winehouse later told the press that before she died she had been off drugs for three years and was in love and happy , and that was hard to believe
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