Amy Winehouse Research Paper

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Who is Amy Winehouse?
Amy Winehouse born the 14th september 1983 was a very famous singer, known for her lyrics and voice but unfortunately died at the pinnacle of her career due to alcohol poisoning. Amy grew up in Southgate, London, England. She had one older brother named Alex. Their parents were Mitchell Winehouse and Janis Winehouse. Amy was of jewish descent. From a young age she was influenced very much by jazz music and her father used to sing Frank Sinatra songs to her when she was young. She also grew up with relatives that were in some way was involved in jazz. When Amy grew up she initially didn't want a career in music but later pursued it. The person that helped her start off that career was Nick Shymansky and he was a close friend to Amy.

I personally I do not think that Amy was a great role model and my first argument for that is her drug and alcohol abuse. Amy Winehouse severely abused drugs and alcohol. In the documentary ''Amy'' you get to see that. She performed once under the influence of substances. The drug and alcohol lead to cancelled perfomances and letting fans down. At one point she overdosed and the doctors found a dangerous amount of drugs and alcohol in her system. In my opinion this kind of person shouldn't be any kind of role model and people have to keep in mind that when you
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She lived a life of partying and never thinking of the consequences of her actions and that kind of person in my opinion should not be a role model. As a said earlier young kids and teenagers are influenced by her choice when she is a public figure as big as her. People look up to her. One thing that I can never say for sure is if she would have continued living as she was if she had lived. If given the chance I think Amy would turn her life around and changed for the better but at this point we can never now. Rest in peace Amy
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