Amy Zimmerman's Essay 'Orange Is The New Black'

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Journalist, Amy Zimmerman’s article implies that heterosexual people portray bisexual actors on tv to be based off their own interpretation of what a homosexual person should be like. To the eye, everyone has their own opinions on what bisexuality/homosexuals should act or be like. In the article she gives many depicting points as to why she feel this way. Not only did she review an interview by Larry King. She gave a better understanding of what she meant by speaking on popular tv shows such as “Orange Is the New Black.” Her purpose of the essay was mainly to explain what bisexuals/homosexuals are thought to be on television. As if they know the actors personally. She has spoke on this topic to hopefully change people’s perspective on the homosexual and bisexual community. To speak up for the ones that are often offended by the television network. Zimmerman illuminates an informative and serious tone for directors, workers on set and some homosexual/heterosexual viewers. The audience intended for this particular article would be heterosexuals, other…show more content…
Just because certain homo individuals act a specified way, doesn 't necessarily mean all of them act the same. She would like for this to occur because, it is constantly happening and people are basically mimicking these human-beings. It is really unnecessary and if you choose to do so, it should be in the right way. Not one person no matter if they are into the same things may act alike, and doing so can be harmful to those you are speaking upon. The strategy used help people understand that the homosexuals aren’t alike and all don’t act the same as another one do. Although, everyone would not understand or take what was said into effect, but they at least will carefully consider how had they make it seem to be bisexual. Zimmerman gave them real life examples on how this is in the world, and how it kinda still
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