Amy's Imaginativeness In The Short Story Gore By Sarah Ellis

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In numerous ways, Amy reveals herself to be resourceful throughout the short story Gore by Sarah Ellis. Her resourcefulness is demonstrated by her imaginative spirit and capability to think outside of the box, her intelligence and her willingness to persevere even when faced with obstacles throughout the journey. Amy shows that she is intelligent in many ways throughout the story. Since birth, Amy describes herself to be completely different than her twin brother Lucas. While her brother inherits the more athletic characteristics as he is much faster and stronger than she is, she is thought to have the brains out of the two. Even though she would never be able to catch up to him if he is stealing her belongings or run away fast enough…show more content…
Because she is at a disadvantage physically, she conjured an elaborate plan which could have only been planned by someone who has the ability to think completely outside the box and come up with such a creative idea. She thought of every detail when she devised this plan and she used vocal variation and expression to help see it through. Aside from her imaginativeness and her intelligence, Amy is no quitter and continues to persevere to achieve her goal. When Lucas is unsure of if there is actually an invasion happening and thinks that Amy is just making it up, Amy does not give up. Instead, she tries to make her act seem more realistic. This shows that even though Lucas remained unconvinced, she showed perseverance by coming up with something else to make the act even more believable and eventually lead Lucas out of the bathroom. In conclusion, Amy’s resourcefulness can be found in her intelligence, her creative ideas and perseverance all throughout the story. If she didn’t come up with such a good plan, payed attention to every detail or gave up along the way, she would not have been able to get her book back. Now, whenever Lucas messes with her, she can find a way to fool him into getting what she
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