Amylase Experiment

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Alyah al Mutairi
Mr. Washington
Biology class H

Deciding the behavior of amylase under the implement of excess pH levels

To verify if amylase maintains to operate with the influence of hydrochloric acid
Independent variable: pH levels

Dependent variable: The effect of pH enzyme action

Control: Positive: Saliva and HCL+ saliva Negative: Water

Constant: Iodine solution (indicator)

At least two out of the three procedures will be indicated as starch, due to the fact that amylase is the first enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates

• Paper
• Pen/pencil
• Saliva
• Water
• Hydrochloric acid
• Pipette
• Iodine solution
• Construction paper
• Timer

1. A sheet of paper was
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What was observed with the addition of hydrochloric acids? What did it do to the enzyme?
-With the addition of hydrochloric acid I observed that a part of the bead turned white, while the other transformed into a navy blue Colour, with a pH of 2, hydrochloric acid granted amylase to denature, it partially turned white, because it simplified the starch on the paper the alternative obtained a navy blue Colour, because it did not simplify starch deeming it not to execute its function.

Once iodine was dropped onto the circle, which was labeled “Water”, it transformed into a dark blue Colour, due to the fact that it didn’t consist of any form of starch. Once iodine was dropped onto the circle labeled “ Saliva”, it transformed into a white/ yellow Colour, due to it granting the starch to break down properly, it transformed white as a result of there being no starch, hence it executed its main action. Once iodine was dropped onto the circle, which was labeled “HCL+ saliva”, was divided into two colours, white and navy blue, this arose because the starch did not get broken down. The enzyme got denatured with the extension of hydrochloric acid of hydrochloric acid. The acid found in hydrochloric acid obtains a low level oh pH (2), causing it not to be broken down, rather to be denatured, confirms amylase can’t continue it’s activity without a particular high amount of acid, (that is found in stomach acid). My hypothesis is incorrect due to the fact that my prediction is
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Due to the this procedure we know that the digestive system functions with an alliance to the salivary gland, In the beginning of digestion the gland releases saliva, which contains amylase, to form the food into a based elementary molecule. It would help continue the next stride of digestion, due to the fact that the low pH levels of hydrochloric acid it alienates the function of amylase which helped us understand how amylase behave under precise variables (pH levels,
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