Being An Active Learner

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An Active Learner

There are many things that many people wish to do nowadays. One of which is going back to school and earning a degree. To do so though requires yourself to be an active learner. To be an active learner you have to be able to motivate yourself for the work needed. You need to be able to want to learn and be willing to put in extra work to understand better. All of that doesn't work if you don't have direction. The classes you take and the work you do should always put you one step closer to your end goal, whatever that end goal might be. So all in all, not the easiest thing to do. I know for myself, I lack in the motivation department and in asking questions. I have never found school work entertaining so I never found the
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I have some strategies that I do try to implement on myself. My first plan was to go to UoPeople, up my grades and prove that I have changed as a student, get my associates, then move to an university near me to get my bachelors and maybe my masters degree. As a more current plan on the micro and not the macro, I plan to limit what I do as to acquire time to do my school work. Grades are not high enough, no going out. There is no one to enforce that, so it has been tough to limit myself like that. Second plan for current, do school work after my own work. After work its the perfect time to do school for me. No one is up to distract me but the issue is generally that I am tired. A caffeine boost helps with that and I get the rest back the next day. Third plan, be strict with my time limits. I have to have a final date on which my work should be done rather than doing it the day of the deadline. I will further and further force myself to do more grueling labor if I don't get my work done. Fourth, if my the time limit I have not done my work I shall seclude myself at a nearby cafe that has WiFi to do work. My family always distracts me no matter how much I try to ignore them. Separating us should allow me to concentrate. Fifth, if I have not proved I can do online college by the end of the year I will withdraw from UoPeople and go to the local community college. Doing that will destroy my schedule and make it financially harder on myself. I can't let that happen because I don't want to believe that I cannot do
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