An Alternate Reality In Naughts And Crosses By Malorie Blackman

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Naughts & Crosses is a novel written by Malorie Blackman. The novel follows the lives of the two main characters and their relationship in a discriminative society. The novel explores an alternate reality in which society discriminates light-skinned people (Noughts) and which dark-skinned people (Crosses) have the upper hand. The main characters are Callum McGregor (Nought) and Persephone (Sephy) Hadley (Cross). Callum is the son of Ryan and Margaret (Meggie) McGregor and has two other siblings, Jude and Lynette. Ryan belongs to an organization of extremists against the Crosses. Meggie used to work for Mrs Hadley as a nanny to her daughters, until she was fired for an unfair reason. Jude and Callum don’t have the best relationship because Jude feels that Callum is favored by his family this is because Jude had to be taken out of school because his parents couldn’t afford it but later in the story Callum gets a better education. Jude and Callums’ relationship causes many fights and even separates the family. Lynette is Callum’s sister and isn’t present very much in the book because of an incident that had happened which left her traumatized and depressed. Lynette doesn’t talk a lot in the book however, when she is present she makes the book more intriguing. Sephy is the daughter of Kamal and Jasmine Hadley and she has a sister called Minerva. Kamal Hadley is the main antagonist in the book Naughts & Crosses. He is the Prime Minister of Great Britain and is very arrogant
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