An Analysis Of Alexandra Fox And Marcus Sedgwick's The Foreshadowing

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Alexandra Fox and Marcus Sedgwick's The Foreshadowing possesses the gift of seeing the future because it creates an ability to change one's perspective on life and cheat death which is saving lives. A story with a different meaning that seeing into the future as a gift and can be found when one looks deep at the text. Marcus Sedgwick’s The Foreshadowing adapts the concept of the Cassandra syndrome while in World War 1. The protagonist Alexandra faces the struggles of seeing into the future but not how one would expect she sees how one dies. Her brother Edgar goes to word to do his bit, but sadly gets killed and Tom decides to go to war to avenge his death but as and seen in a vision by Alexandra, he will die she makes it her effort to save…show more content…
Even though some facts may say that seeing into the future is a curse the power of it is a gift which can save someone's life, someone like a mother: “ I stared straight into his eyes... But as he looked at me, the smile lost its life and died on his face. I knew he was going to die... Here. ‘I don't want to go in the Tram’... The tram came off the rails, I laid down on one side with the tremendous crash” ( Sedgwick 8-9). The sense of feeling couldn't stop her from saving her mother but sadly for the soldier, there was no way of escaping the horrible truth, he would die. Alexandra new something bad would happen not only at war but on the tram and her act of rebellion saved her mother, Dorothy. Alexandra shouldn't be thought of as a child that is worthless with no value but should be thought of as a visionary. Alexandra hadn't chosen to act out she and her mother would be with the dead on the tram. Dorothy takes no opportunity to thank her daughter for saving her life but merely thinks that she (Dorothy) chose not to go on to the tram because the soldier was making her uncomfortable. Alexandra saved her mother's life which is a gift but Dorothy's disbelief of Alexander gift is a curse. Alexandra felt a burden on her shoulders knowing she could have saved Edgar, but what if she could save Tom's life and help him cheat death on live: “ the bullets Target. Thomas. It hit him. He's going to
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