Alfie Kohn's Essay How Not To Get Into College

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In today's society, a students' life revolves around the fact they need good grades to achieve greatness. A student's life is mainly consumed by grades, and how to attain higher grades. Students spend all of his/her time studying to get into prestigious schools of their choosing. Students do certain extracurricular activities only if it will look good on their résumé, which increases their chance of getting into a better program. A student can clear his/her agenda and have time for themselves, and join activities they want by managing their time better. In Alfie Kohn's essay, "How not to get into College: the Preoccupation with Preparation.", the sacrifices students make to get selected into the program of their choosing is incredible. This …show more content…

Allocating time for your personal agenda is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It is proven that creating time for yourself will increase your happiness. This will help you function better throughout the day, and will enable a student to do things he/she pleases to do, example read a book. Better time management will allow a student to join clubs or activities of their choosing, and not just join the ones which improve marks. Studies have shown that students with more time on their hands will join a club of their choosing rather than the ones that so the most benefit with the least amount of effort. This sense of choice and freedom help with a student's happiness , which will help them with their thinking, and positive …show more content…

Extra credits are the best thing a student can hope for. Instead, of relaxing a student spends all his or her time trying to improve his/her marks. A student should enjoy school instead of worrying about their grades all the time; students can learn many tricks to avoid this, such as time management. A students' live is controlled by grade, averages, and around the reality, they require decent evaluations to accomplish enormity, however, this can be solved with time

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