An Analysis Of All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

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To See The Sun
“All Summer In A Day” is a science fictional short story by Ray Bradbury about a young girl whom shows a strong affection for the sun. The young girl hopes to see the sun, for the scientists predict the sun will come out that day. In the beginning, Margot, the young girl, shows sadness whilst staring out into a window, she really misses the sun and she’s considered different. Soon, Margot tells the other children about the prediction of the sun that day. The children commit something terrible and Margot doesn’t get to see the sun. Finally, Margot is taken out of the place that she was ‘punished’ in and she never got to see the sun. Throughout the story Margot shows great affection for the sun and sorrow that she doesn’t get to see the sun, she had a little ray of hope that she would be able to see the sun, but bullies get together and ruin everything. Margot shows a strong longing for the sun.
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Margot cared about the poem she wrote the most. Everyone else wrote poems that they didn’t really care for. The poem she wrote was in paragraph 14, and 15. “I think the sun is a flower, that blooms for just one hour.” This proves how interested and focused Margot is on the sun, it also shows how she misses the sun since she only gets to see it for one hour every seven years. Another way that Margot shows her longing for the sun is when she stared at the window. in paragraph 25 the author says, “Now she stood seperate, staring at the loud wet world beyond the glass.” Margot must be sad because it’s constantly raining and she wants to see the sun. This means Margot is tired of seeing the rain. She stares at the glass because she waiting for the sun. This shows Margot wants to see no more rain, she only wants to see the sun. This is important because it proves how much she longs for the
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