An Analysis Of An Outsider In Helen Horowitz's Book 'Campus Life'

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Outsider. To the modern student, of any age, an “outsider” is someone who does not fit inside the “normal” bubble . Whether it is looks, personality, or plans for the future, an outsider is never in the majority. In Helen Horowitz’s introduction to her book, “Campus Life”, we see the “outsider” existed even in the early 19th century. In Horowitz introduction, the outsider is described as, “studious, polite, and respectful of authority” and that these student “sought the approval of their teachers, not of their peers” (14). This definition is unique because it seems to be almost the reciprocal of what an outsider is today. While this definition is not entirely in line with our modern view, it’s concept still holds true that the outsider thinks,
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