An Analysis Of Anita Nair's Magical Indian Myths

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Purana is that which renews the old and is almost always mentioned along with Itihasa- the history. The Puranas were written to illustrate and explain the truth of the Vedas which are essentially archetypal poetry of high literary value. They are mythical in nature and their language is symbolic. Being mythical, they have multiple meanings. The fundamental, philosophical and religious truths are expounded through popular legends or mythological stories. Thus, Itihasa combined with narration makes a story seem credible. Myths are traditional stories and they often exhibit characteristics of other sorts of traditional tales, most notably folktales. They often present themselves as explanations of how nature works or how a certain benefit or ill came about. Authors are not only taking up mythology and visualizing it the way they want to, but also interpreting it to tell beautiful stories and look at mythology from different perspectives. An explicit attempt to retell the purana in novel form is Anita Nair’s ‘Magical Indian Myths’ which will be analysed in the following. The novel allows insight into the complex construction of mythology; It focuses on the mystery of Indian mythology unwrapped for the universal. Answers some if not all mythological questions Anita Nair’s ‘Magical Indian Myths’ is a collection of ancient India’s myths and legends belonging to Indian culture which answers the questions about Indian mythology. India has the greatest living oral narrative tradition

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