Anne Bradstreet Analysis

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Winston Churchill once said that "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" (Shah 56). This difference appears in many ways, and these ways are adapted by famous persons. There is two ways that appear in the following texts: The Dragon by Muriel Spark and The Prologue by Anne Bradstreet. In the short story The Dragon, the speaker 's pride conceals the modesty, but in in the poem The Prologue, the speaker seeks fame by the assistance of modesty. This paper shows Sparks ' speaker 's attitude in addressing self-capabilities and Anne Bradstreet 's speaker 's modest attitude in addressing self-capabilities. Besides, it shows Sparks ' pride and Bradstreet 's modesty in terms of self-esteem, and differentiates and distinguishes each speaker 's personality. Such as something axiomatic, the speaker of the story gives these words: "I was first…show more content…
According to that, "Bradstreet 's use of conventional topoi demonstrates her self-assurance rather than self-doubt" (Schweitzer 291). It is clear that Anna Bradstreet has a great poet 's qualifications. In the story, according to the speaker 's perspective, there is no competitor that can compete the uniqueness of the needlewoman 's work. This indicates the needlewoman 's pride in terms of self-esteem. "The needle and the thread that earned [her] reputation" (Spark 306) according to the speaker 's words. The speaker of the short story does not use any public ways in the process of sewing (Spark 306), and "every stitch has to be perfect, small and perfect even, [and] the basting and tacking stitches, had to be done by [her]" (Spark 308). Even if the dress will take months, the needlewoman does not accept any assistant from

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