An Analysis Of Anse's As I Lay Dying

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With the exception of Anse, the end of As I Lay Dying leaves all of the Bundrens worse for wear. Darl has been exiled because he is believed to be insane. Similarly, the skin has to be removed from Cash’s leg, Jewel has lost his horse and his last connection to the family, Vardaman is more confused than ever, and Dewey Dell remains pregnant. Despite all of this, Anse’s condition is better than it has ever been. He has purchased teeth, has visited a barbershop, and has come out of all of this with a new wife. There is much that can be observed about the novel’s conclusion; however, the most striking aspect is the way in which it supports Anse’s beliefs. According to Anse, “Nowhere in this sinful world can a honest, hardworking man profit” (110).
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