Why Is Anthem A Dystopia

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Why Anthem is a Dystopia The story Anthem is a bias and raw story. It has many ups and downs and life lessons to learn. Ayn rand is trying to tell the reader that being a follower cannot benefit you all the time. Anthem is definitely a dystopia. It is a dystopia because the way the people were treated, the setting is in the future and it is a collectivist society. Those are the three main reasons why “Anthem” is a dystopia. The first reason why it’s a dystopia is because the way people were treated second-class. The council controlled their every move and they slept with one hundred beds in one room in very poor condition. Kids would wake up screaming from nightmares and would have limited recourse. They had a mating room for the females…show more content…
This is in the story when “Equality” finds a subway station where he discovers the light and when he is making experiments and doing secret individual activities that he later shows to the Home of the Scholars in chapters 5-7. We know it’s in the future because a subway station and light bulbs are in our modern-day life. This
Griffin 2 indicates that the story is set in future times. Which is when a dystopia is usually set in the future to warn anyone about an event that could later on happen. Which leads to my very last reason why this is a dystopia. My last reason on why this is a dystopia is because they live in a collectivist society. It is a collectivist society because there is dictator and the people only use group words no singular pronouns. They only use “they” “we” or “us”. They are not allowed to have individual thoughts about anything what so ever. This shows that Ayn Rand believes that if you follow others and not lead yourself or what you believe.
Instead of being a leader bad things will happen. Which brings me to the conclusion. These are the reasons why “Anthem” is a dystopia theme. It was the way they were treated. The collectivist society, and because this story is set in the future. You should be a leader instead of a follower because you can follow someone blindly in to a situation you don’t want to be
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