An Analysis Of Bedroom In Arles By Vincent Van Gogh

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Searching for a painting that really spoke to me was hard, I was searching for quite a while, until I found Bedroom in Arles. There are many things in this painting that would catch a viewer 's eye; the reason the painting caught my eye was because it was much more vibrant and colorful that all the other artworks I saw, that is why it attracted me. “Bedroom in Arles created” in 1888 by the word renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh was painted to represent himself, who he was as a person, and the life he lived. That is what Van Gogh is trying to convey to the viewer in this painting, he did this with the use of vibrant colors, the thick brushstrokes used, the many different and odd parts of this painting, and the texture of the items in the painting. Van Gogh’s use of color, and his bold color choices is what really attracted me to this painting, it stood out like a sore thumb from all the other paintings. I say his color choices were bold because he uses a mustard like yellow, a ketchup red, which is what makes the painting stand out, then he uses a pleasing baby blue for the walls. The pairing of yellow with the stark vermilion is the strongest note of color in the picture. These colors, unexpected, isolated notes, lie outside the prevailing luminous scheme of yellow, red, and blue. Within that system are interesting alternations of tones - the yellow and orange of the furniture, the green and yellow of the window: these remind us of primitive pattern of color. Just like his
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