An Analysis Of Brian Doyle's Essay 'Joyas Valodoras'

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Brian Doyle is an acclaimed author who has written many essays, children’s books, and novels, and currently works as the editor of the Portland Magazine at the University of Portland, where he continues his writing career. “Joyas Valodoras,” meaning “flying jewels,” is one story among his many works. In the essay “Joyas Valodoras,” Doyle utilizes both metaphors with hummingbirds, blue whales, and other objects as well as expressive diction to illustrate his thoughts about the hearts of all organisms and their emotions. Through these thoughts, Doyle suggests that the yearning for love is often inescapable.
The need for love is first introduced in “Joyas Valodoras” through the metaphor of the hummingbird. Doyle discusses the life and times of the hummingbirds, citing their incredible abilities for their awe-inspiring nature. However, their glory must, as all do, come to an end sometime; when they rest, “if they are not warmed, if they do not soon find that which is sweet, their hearts grow cold,
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The hummingbirds’ liberty mirrors that of people; however, both must find their respective sweetness to survive. In the hummingbirds’ case, the sweetness is nectar, while with people, the sweetness is love and kindness. The metaphor of the ‘wall’ shows that although people may try to shut themselves away from others, their need for love will prevail when presented with hope. Because the long for love is inescapable, even the mere possibility of grasping at love can break barriers and change the mindset of those who have detached themselves from it. Through Doyle’s elaborate comparisons and meaningful word choice, his ideas about all aspects of the heart are portrayed eloquently, and his message about the difficulty of escaping the yearning for love resonates

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