An Analysis Of Broken Heart And Broken Dreams For Alice In Sherwood Anderson

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Broken heart and broken promises lead to broken dreams for Alice in Sherwood Anderson 's “Adventure.”Sherwood Anderson writes his story “Adventure” in third person omniscient point of view. Third person omniscient is all knowing and able to reveal future events, enter multiple characters minds, Interpreting events, describing unobserved incidents, and providing historical context. Anderson chose the third person omniscient POV for “Adventure” because it helps move the plot along and helps get inside the heads of both of the characters which reveals future events which helps Anderson tell the story. When Alice realises Ned is not coming back she goes on an adventure and it does not go well. In Winesburg Ohio the narrator gets in the mind of more than one character. The indicated helps the readers know how all the characters are feeling. “Welty 's narrator enters the mind of both characters.”(Gotham 92) Ned tells Alice he was moving and she wants to go with him and is willing to hand over everything including her self image. “Ned Currie was puzzled by the determination and abandon of his sweetheart and was also deeply touched.”(Anderson 50) The indicated also helps demonstrates how Ned was feeling and what was going on inside of his head. At the time of when it happens Alice just said she wanted to move away with him which was completely unheard of in there time. Also it demonstrates how crazy and determined Alice is which helps us get a good outlook on the future of the
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