An Analysis Of Buhler's 'On Eating Roadkill'

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On first thought the sound of eating roadkill is just disturbing, but there are many people who believe roadkill is food being put to waste. Buhler begins to build his credibility with some facts about eating roadkill such as “It is the perfect meat for vegetarians and vegans”, and “Mutual Automobile Insurance Company estimated that 1,232,000 deer were hit by cars in the United States”. Is it possible to ever catch me eating roadkill? Probably not, but some things Buhler state seem to make sense. In the passage “On Eating Roadkill”, Buhler makes effective use of ethos, pathos, and logos to get his argument across. In the passage, Buhler gives plenty of facts pertaining information on why we should eat roadkill, but in many people 's cases they would never do such a thing. Animals are being killed at a very high rate when it comes to non hunting issues, therefore you could argue a fact that eating roadkill would help the community by saving the amount of money people spend on groceries. Buhler also states that the meat that will come from the roadkill animals will be more healthy for vegans because there is nothing extra put on the meat for better taste. Although the thought of someone getting sick comes to mind for the most part if you 're saving money and eating more healthy how can you not be happy? Throughout his essay, Buhler uses many strong sources that strengthen his credibility and appeal to ethos, as well as build his argument. Some really good sources he uses are
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