An Analysis Of Coming-Of-Age In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Life is short, coming-of-age is important to fathom and treasure. As you grow and develop to the world you encounter situations that will make you see the world differently. Stories, encounters, and even playing around the house can cause people to see from a new perspective. Coming-of-age involves recognizing different perspectives. In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird Scout is an example of a character whose coming-of-age process involves gaining a different perspective. Scout has several different encounters to prove her coming-of-age, “I turned to go home…I had never seen our neighborhood from this angle” (Lee 320). As Scout stood on the Radley porch, she realized that from this standpoint the world looked strangely diverse. Scout gained…show more content…
Teenagers can be a nuisance and do half-witted things, “To see past the distracting, dopey teenager and glimpse the adaptive adolescent within, we should look not at the specific, sometimes startling, behaviors,...but at the broader traits that underlie those acts”(Dobbs). Teenagers can do foolish, half-witted things at times in their life. As a parent, you must look past the dumb things you teenagers do, and look from a different perspective to see what your child will become. Our brains undergo a change through the teen years “ But as we move through adolescence the brain undergoes extensive remodeling, resembling a network and wring upgrade”(Dobbs). As we come-of-age our brains completely redevelop making us see the world from a different perspective. So as we generate dumb choices, those choices are not entirely our fault. As we come-of-age our brains re-develop and causes us see the world from a different…show more content…
I was about five years old and my sister and I were playing fetch with a metal spoon. I was the dog of course chasing the spoon where ever she threw the spoon and bringing the spoon back to her incautiously. My parents said “You guys need to stop” about five times before something went terribly wrong. As I was on the way back to my sister with the spoon in my mouth one of my arms gave out. The spoon flipped and jammed hard into the roof of my mouth as I slammed on the floor. Blood was everywhere, mom was screaming, sister was crying it was a disaster. After we left the hospital, nighttime approached, and we went home and everything was fine, except the giant cut in my mouth. Since I was a stubborn young kid, I did not listen to my parents, which made me almost have a speech issue. From this experience I learned to respect my parent, and that they are only trying to help. I had now viewed the world differently, respecting what my parents said, from then on out. Coming-of-age involves viewing the world from several different points of view. Not only does coming-of-age mold you to be a parent, it also molds you to be smarter. Without parents, friends, family, and even strangers coming-of -age would be completely different. You would not be able to learn anything from the world if these people were not here. Coming-of-age involves learning from your mistakes and seeing the world from a different

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