An Analysis Of Dave Barry's 'Decaf Poopacino'

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Dave Barry
In society today, people are becoming more and more easily offended. A simple joke is often times blown way out of proportion instead of being laughed off and taken as just that. Dave Barry, a comedic essayist, understands that idea, which is why he uses self-deprecating humor to distract the readers from the fact that he is making fun of them. Along with the use of sarcasm and hyperboles, this form of humor is, at times, relatable and allows him to get certain points across without offending his readers. In one of his Essays, “Decaf Poopacino”, he is making fun of the fact that Americans order the craziest drinks when at coffee shops. The point of this essay is to express that people, like him that want a simple coffee, are tired
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The use of sarcasm is very prevalent in all of Barry’s pieces, but where I found it the most was in the essay titled “Classic ‘98: Resolve to be a better person- - someone else”. Not only is the entire point of the essay quite sarcastic, but he also uses sarcasm very often throughout the piece. He is trying to convince people that the reason they aren’t achieving their New Year’s resolutions is because they are setting their goals too high. “Write this motivational statement in large letters on a piece of paper and tape it someplace where you will see it often, such as on the inside of your glasses”. Obviously nobody is going to put a sign on the inside of their glasses because it would actually be very hard to see. His sarcastic remark suggests that if you see your goals, you will achieve them. By using sarcasm, the reader relates by connecting the fact that just because your goals are written down doesn’t always mean you will achieve them no matter how close to your face they are. Going back to a previous essay that was discussed, he says “You know how sometimes, when you’re really skeptical about something, but then you finally try it, you discover that it’s really good, way better than you would have thought possible? This is not the case with Luwak coffee.” (“Decaf Poopacino”) When the reader begins that paragraph they think it’s going to turn out great, but the sudden turn of events is what ends up becoming quite
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