An Analysis Of E. M. Forster's 'My Wood'

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In “My Wood” E.M. Forster shows a close relationship with his audience, by relating the audience feeling about his earlier works of writing. He shows a queer style of writing by placing wrong punctuation, and grammar mistakes. Forster’s style of writing was to tempt a certain type of writing which is in this case the cause and effect type. In this story, Forster explains his effects of making a choice he made earlier in his life about buying a wood. Forster show insight into his writing, and also shows his understanding by using humor. He supports his argument by using short references such as : "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.” (E.M. Forster, Prentice Hall).…show more content…
This might be found in many other stories, but this story has many that stand out. Some of the sentence in the story consists of only one word! For example “. Mars. Sirius.” (E.M. Forster, Prentice Hall). He made this way to make the reader more skeptical about what the author means. Also in this part of the story the author is trying to be entertaining or humorous therefore, he adds a bunch of unrealistic stuff to achieve an idea in his mind with humor. Forster wrote this story is a chronological order and all the events are straight forward. They story is very easy to read, not complicated, and it is very close to our real life conversations. A key element found in his writing is irony, he tries to involve it to many subjects in his story, in this story irony is mostly used against himself. This is because he talks about a choice he made which is buying a property. He gives indirect meaning or messages in his writing “my wood makes me heavy”(E.M. Forster, Prentice Hall). From this phrase the mature reader will indicate is insinuate the meaning behind this phrase. In that phrase the author says that having a wood is not always a good thing at least for him. And he concludes that the wood is always not as good as you think you will always want to make change and be
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