An Analysis Of Edgar Allen Poe's Vocabulary

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Edgar Allen Poe is a true genius in the writing world. He uses an abundance of literary skills and rich vocabulary to make a strong story that keeps people engaged. Edgar Allen Poe is the author of the three stories, “Tell Tale Heart”, “The Black Cat”, and “The Cask of Amontillado”. All of these stories are similar because of Poe’s literary consistency and strong vocabulary. Poe’s writing is unusual. It has so many different characteristics within it and makes it irresistible to read. The way he uses suspense to confuse and scare the reader increases the strength of his writing. Edgar Allan Poe has a very distinct way of writing because of his drive to scare, confuse, and intrigue the reader. First, Poe uses disturbing topics and rich vocabulary to really scare the reader at times. The scary tone has a trend through all of his stories which makes the reader more engaged. In “The Tell Tale Heart” Poe talks about death and how an eye viewed as, “an evil eye” could cause someone to kill. It took some time, but Poe lead the whole story up to the gruesome murder scene. “First of all I dismembered the corpse. I cut off the head and the arms and then the legs. I then took up three planks from the flooring of the chamber, and deposited all between the scantlings” …show more content…

For example, “It hangs like moss upon the vaults. We are below the river’s bed. The drops of moisture trickle among the bones”(Poe, “The Cask of Amontillado” 6.) Within this quote, Poe goes in depth about his surroundings and then connects it to the topic of the story. Poe also discuss the creepy scenery, to bring out the true horrifying aspect of where the characters are. If Poe’s intention are to scare the reader, then he is going to do it. As an author, he wants to use rich detail to really protrude his ideas of the story being

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