An Analysis Of Erik Spraypaints In Edward Bloor's Tangerine

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Paul's life is hard. His brother Erik makes choices that affect him drastically. In this book, Tangerine, Edward Bloor talks about the choices people around Paul's life make and how they affect him. As it says in the story, Erik spraypaints Paul's eyes. Erik did this when Paul was just five. This choice affected Paul negatively in many ways. Paul suffered a lot throughout his childhood. He was bullied, made fun of, and he felt left out. His eyes were always a big issue with him, all because his brother didn't make the right choice and in the wrong time. When Mike Costello dies, Erik and Arthur make fun of him. Pauls friend, Joey, was hurt. Paul lost a friend close to him because Erik made fun of Mike Costello, Joey's brother. Paul lost
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