An Analysis Of George Orwell's Essay 'Politics And The English Language'

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Denis Brown, through his article "who owns English" argues that there is no bad English. He gives an example of Madrid 's new Spanish-English public schools, who strive to learn English. The school had a slogan, "yes we want ', which seen as bad English. According to him, English has spread far and wide beyond the Anglophone and such mistakes in the use of the English language should not be taken as bad English, but rather as modern English. He goes ahead to explain the different challenges the global language faces in the various countries. George Orwell, through his essay "Politics and the English Language," criticizes the use of bad English vehemently. Changes in English are as result of its growth. He asserts…show more content…
George shows dissatisfaction with the changes experienced by the English language. He blames politics for this change but claims that these changes are reversible, and writers should take time when writing. He claims that through this, political regeneration is likely. George demonstrates how some individual writers misuse English in their work. Some use metaphors whose meaning they do not know. Metaphors are meant to evoke imagination, but the use of dying metaphors, do not evoke any vivid image. George is rigid in his response and fails to understand the challenges that a global language will have to undergo as it spreads from one part of the world to another. When a language is international as English, it is bound to change. Changes in the dialect of different communities through which the language passes, as it spreads globally, causes these changes to the English language. The two authors, Denis Brown and George Orwell have indicated that the English language is undergoing changes. Both paint a picture of English being spoken in various countries as they talk about "foreigners." Both the authors, talk about changes in The English language though Denis is not bothered by the changes in The English language. George is so critical of these changes. Despite the difference they show on opinion, they agree that The English language is undergoing changes due to
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