An Analysis Of Gerard Jones's Essay Violent Media Is Good For Kids

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Everybody in this world needs a way to express themselves in their own unique way even young children. Gerard Jones argues this point well in his essay titled Violent Media is Good for Kids. Jones is a well know comic book writer with some of his works turned into cartoons and video games. Jones experienced this need for self-expression first hand when he was a child; socially awkward towards his peers Jones needed a way to help him gain confidence in social interactions.
Jones talks briefly about his grade school age son and how he was afraid to climb a tree at school along with his peers. Gerard took things into his own hands reading his son the tales of Tarzan and his exciting life in the jungle, his son then called upon the influence of Tarzan and conquered his fears and climbed the tree along with his friends. I believe Jones added this story of his son to the essay to show some real world proof that violent stories and comics help children to play the role of their favorite character and conquer their fears of social interactions by relating to a situation handled by the courageous character.
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What it is that they can take away from this movie is the value of team work and only as a team can you complete certain tasks. Or this provides the children with a great way to meet new friends by taking the role of their favorite character and acting out scenes from their own imagination with new playmates. As a child this is how I got along with other children either at daycare or school during recess. I would play the role of my favorite cartoon character, there was so many I can’t remember any specifics, using their influence to create situations from my imagination that I could solve using my superpowers. Of course my friends would play along either becoming the villain or my sidekick to defeat the
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