An Analysis Of Hamlet's Weaknesses

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In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the death of the King Hamlet caused many problems amongst the royal family. This death allowed Claudius to seize King Hamlet’s throne and take Queen Getrude’s hand in marriage. It also caused Hamlet to despise both his mother and uncle. The death of the king also caused Hamlet to undergo thoughts of contemplation, fearfulness, and indecision. There is no doubt that Hamlet possesses many strengths which we admire, which are his nobility, bravery and intellect. However, as the play goes on his weaknesses surface. He is slow to act as he tends to over think every action of his and he frequently lashes out against those who have betrayed him. Hamlet is truly a flawed individual that experiences true emotional distress…show more content…
Hamlet is experiencing indecision in this soliloquy. This is shown when Hamlet says, “A thought which, quarter’d, hath but one part wisdom, And ever three parts coward”(4.4 42), illustrating hamlet speaking about his conscience once again getting the best of him while trying to carry out his revenge. Hamlet watches Fortinbras and his army come to conquer a small piece of land. This is shown when Hamlet says, “Witness this army of such mass and charge, Led by a delicate and tender prince” (4.4 47-48), explaining that Hamlet is observing Fortibras bring his army to Poland to invade a small, worthless plot of land. Hamlet doesn’t really understand Fortinbras’ logic of losing so much to gain so little. Fortinbras’ determination and honor makes Hamlet feel very ashamed. This is shown when Hamlet says, “to my shame, I see the imminent death of twenty men” (4.4 59-60), explaining that Hamlet is ashamed that Fortinbras’ army are more passionate and determined about winning over the small piece of land than he has been avenging his father’s death. Hamlet decides to carry out his revenge. Hamlet then has a shift from indecision to a man of action. By condemning himself and admiring Fortinbras, Hamlet now accepts that to achieve greatness he must stay strong and fight to achieve his

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