At Night Poem Analysis

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Officially, the goal of the Israeli operation in Lebanon was to define the establishment of peace and security for the Northern territories of the country. However, this goal is only partially met reality. The main goal was to crush the Palestinian resistance movement, the center of territorial dislocation which after the bloody clashes of 1970 in Jordan became Lebanon. Certainly understanding that Israeli soldiers were sent not to their war arose, within the Israeli army, and chiefly within the creative elite; basically, we see it in the works of Harnik and Ravikovitch. ‘At Night’ is a culmination of the mourning of the mother from the loss of her son during the first Lebanon war. ‘War’s End’ expresses the loss of a beloved; it is midnight…show more content…
Her beloved is very close to her, she still dreams about him, and acts as if she is speaking to someone alive, who stands aside. Ultimately, while her mood shifts, she wants her lover to relieve her sorrow, quench all her troubles as she is ‘frozen as a crystal’, she is also dead. Harnik hallucinates as well, even deeper, she speaks to her ‘grandson’ – unborn child of her son, she will never feel like grandmother never extend her family, but she wishes it so desperately. Harnik pretends the grandson speaks to her, she answers him ‘your father ‘was gone the wind of the mountain’, ‘he was carried off in a foreign land’, ‘he remained’. She hopes he died not vainly, but she can’t accept the political environment. Concerning that we can suppose that the death of her son was a sort of push to Harnik to begin writing and to overcome the depression, and to become a much known poet; by contrast, Ravikovitch constantly suffered from painful headaches and depression, she even tried to commit suicide, Harnik never did. In a pocket of Harnik’s son was a poem of Natan Zach, who was also inspired by that fact, and wrote a beautiful item called “Regret” a sparkle to kindle the fire of Raiah’s talent, to help her overcome the sorrow and
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