The First Epigraph In Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises?

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The paper points out to the historical content of Hemingway’s novel The Sun Also Rise and the impact of two epigraphs one borrowed from Gertrude Stein and the other from The Holy Bible in shaping the major themes of the novel The First epigraph by Stein refers to the loss and the destruction of the generation after World War 1 while the other epigraph from the Holy Bible points to the eternal life of existence which abides through the perpetual destruction of appearances.

Key words:
Disillusionment and the loss of traditional beliefs, the Lost Generation ,the meaning of life ,the physical and emotional wound , the bullfight, the upheavals and disasters of the individuals

The sun Also Rises was Hemingway 's first
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Although the Sun Also Rises was Hemingway 's first novel but it granted him much of his reputation and considered to be best-known .The novel examined the way of life in Paris during the 1920s for Americans who left home to Europe after the World War I seeking for greater freedom whom they were defined as expatriates. James T.Farrell asserts that "the novel struck deeper chords in the youth of twenties ,which Gertrude Stein called lost generation." (Farrell,1945,P.29) Hemingway was able to reflect the chaotic post war and was able to create characters ,situation, happenings and mood that were as real as life and concerning this Farrell comments "The mood and attitude of the main characters is that of people on vacation .They set out to do what people want to do on a vacation. They have love-affairs ,they drink ,go fishing and see new spectacles" (Farrell,1945,P.5)

Jake Barnes was impotent as a result of a wound he got during the World War I
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