An Analysis Of Holden's Personality In 'Catcher In The Rye'

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Kaelyn Held
English 9 - 8th Period
Novel Paper
December 15, 2015
Holden’s Personality in Catcher in the Rye
The reader learns that Holden’s identity is determined by his Brother’s death, his sister and, his relationships with others.
Holden’s identity is determined by his brother’s death. This is evident when he writes the composition he was asked to write about his brother’s baseball glove that he kept with his luggage. This is relevant to his identity because, I don’t believe that Holden would carry his brother’s property around with him if it wasn’t important to him. Furthermore, when Holden was crossing the streets he kept repeating “Allie (his brother) don’t let me disappear” over and, over. This shows that Holden was affected by and
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