An Analysis Of Hometown, By Luis Cabalquinto

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The home is a sanctuary of love and peace. It is the place where one feels entrenched upon. We do not talk of a physical structure which holds the living room, garage, and bedroom; but rather, of home and its embodiment in entirety. We talk of people as a home or people who causes something to become home. Moreover are events, memories, and experiences which relate to a person’s most comfortable feelings. It is something each and ever person possess. The home in the context of the country and its dwellers is significant as it holds the smallest unit of government which is the family. Being a highly family-oriented country, Family is of utmost importance within our society. Our values, our upbringing and even culture is centralized around family. The word “family” is used profusely as it is not anomalous for Filipinos to treat every loved one as blood relatives. In relation to home, it is quite unusual in the Philippines to journey a long distance from home. Being a tight-knit Asian family we are prone to have big families with extended relatives living under one roof. We are unlike the westerners who encourage and expect independence of its members upon reaching a certain age. A number of factors page in as one leave, which includes the people involved and affected by such movement. The first poem is “Hometown” by Luis Cabalquinto. Cabalquinto often writes poems in diaspora as he lives abroad but his poems speak of his home country. This particular poem is an
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