An Analysis Of I Ve Been To The Mountain Top, By Dr. Martin Luther King

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Being a great speaker doesn’t mean delivering a memorized word-for-word speech. Instead, many speakers are often well prepared by practicing their speeches; becoming familiarized with the expression and ideas incorporated. A good speaker will think about a way their speech can convey, persuade, motivate the audience. Three notable speakers who are known for giving great and powerful speakers are: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, and Sir Ken Robinson. A day before his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., gave a speech entitled “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top”. Throughout his speech, King used everyday scenarios of social injustice with in depth metaphors to get his message across and grab the audience’s attention. He…show more content…
I noticed that both King’s and Robinson’s speech were more identical to each other of the three speakers. Both opened themselves up to the audience and put themselves in the same field as them. They displayed exotic energy through their hand gestures and movements; peppering the audience with anecdotes and quotes. Unlike the other two, Job’s focused more on his vocal quality and use of emotional anecdotes that created a persona the audience would want to become. All three speakers never lost sight or detracted from their topics and instead went on to pursue extemporaneous techniques that roused the audience to cheer and applaud throughout their speech. A great speaker always finds a flow of idea and element that connects to their speech delivery. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Steve Jobs, and Sir Ken Robinson all displayed outstanding public speaking ability. They used effective delivery tactics to piece their stories together into a organized and systematic manner . By conveying, persuading, and motivating the audience, it demonstrates the speaker’s ability to grab hold of their attention and leave a lasting
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