The Lie In Henrik Ibsen's The Pillars Of Society

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In the sextet of plays beginning with The Pillars of Society and concluding with Rosmersholm an earnest endeavor is made to show the value of truthfulness in all human relationships. The dire effects of the individual attempting to conform to the false standards of suburban society are delineated. Canting simulation of goodness, false departmentalism, and unjust standards for women are anathematized. Let us notice Montrose Moses' statement regarding Ibsen's endeavor to shame his generation for living the lie. "At least he made his generation conscious of the lie. When he began, he was eager to place torpedoes beneath the tragic dead centers of our spiritual existence, beneath the stagnant social conventions" (Moses 346). Let us observe forthright the satirical play which Ibsen makes his cautery to sear the morbid conditions of society. 1.1.1.…show more content…
The Pillars of Society, a polemic against local social hypocrisy The Norwegian title of this play (Samfundets Stotter) has an ironic ring. In the text the word "samfund" is translated "society" or "community". The noun "stotte," a pillar, has for its correlative the verb "at stotte", to support; so that where the English phrase "to support society" occurs, there is in the original, a direct allusion to the title of the play. The title phrase is used fully fifteen times during the play. Rorlund, Bernick, Aune use it effectively. At the end of the drama only Lona voices the truth of the whole matter when she says that the spirits of truth and freedom are the pillars of Society. A.

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