An Analysis Of Immaculee's 'Left To Tell'

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The Healing Power of His Love “Forgive them, they know not what they do,” God whispered in Immaculee’s ear. Immaculee, a Tutsi Rwandan girl, was huddled in a incredibly tiny bathroom filled with seven other young ladies hiding from mass murderers trying to kill every Tutsi in the country. She struggled day and night trying to forgive the killers, but could only think of hatred for them until God said those words in her ear. She opened her heart to him and was saved by his loving mercy. Immaculee viewed being spared and being saved as different and through Immaculee’s story she showed me that we have to love and forgive others even if they have hurt us.
In the book Left to Tell Immaculee says that she believed that there is a difference between being spared and being saved. To Immaculee being spared by God was that God protected her throughout the holocaust so that she could live out a holy life inspiring others, whereas being saved by God, she was able to give herself completely to God and trust in him. While Immaculee was crowded with the seven other girls in the bathroom and was forbidden to make any noise, she was able to spend all her time conversing and praying with God. Through this time huddled in the bathroom, God had saved Immaculee. God did spare her, but he also saved her
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I feel as though she may have not forgiven the killers for murdering her family. The Captain from the French army offered to Immaculee that he would be willing to avenge her family and kill any Hutu murderers for her. She was shocked by this offer, and she would have wanted it in her early days in the bathroom. But that was before she had opened her heart to God and he had saved her (Left to Tell 158). God saved her so that she may live to tell her story to everyone and help save others and bring them close to God as
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