'An Analysis Of Jamaica Kincaid's Girl'

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“don 't walk barehead in the hot sun”, I could have taken any other sentences from “Girl” poem, because most of them contain the same meaning. The meaning of how a mother takes care of her children. Yes, in a weird and very rude way. I can assume that author 's mother had a difficult life, or either experienced unstable relationships with her parents that affected her life since then, but she would never tell anyone about them. People have a tendency of making mistakes. Being busy with a household and fighting with poverty there would be no time to look back at one’s life, analyze mistakes and make improvements. As I read mother’s chores, I notice that mother was sharing her life knowledge. Probably most important errands she could think…show more content…
Rhetoric. 1. “The Estrangements”. I looked up the definition it seems like an ideal title for the story. By naming her writing “The Estrangements” Kincaid showed how she feels, how her mother acted, and how everything ended up. The author suffers from not receiving proper love and care from her mother. Mother never tried to understand her kids, and to see a completely different individuality behind every one of them. She did not express her love the way they wanted. However, kids always felt isolated and alone with the burdens of life. Author has been estranged from her mother. ( Unclear) Writing. 3 . An Ideal parenting never existed. Our parents, their parents and so on, did everything they thought and could that would be better for their kids. Wanted or not, but we all are influenced in a certain way by our parents. It is always going to be a part of our self-identification, personal “I”. Running away from that won’t help, but hurt existence and will bring sad memories. We must accept and forgive bad things, brave ourselves and try to overcome non-desired consequences. We should learn to treat positive sides we had received during our growing process. Being an adult requires a mental escape from parents. We should take responsibilities for our actions, stop blaming parents for what they did or did not. Being able to identify ourselves as a separate person and not a part of mother/father being, like an arm or leg. It is uneasy, but it would definitely improve
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