An Analysis Of Jamaica Kincaid's 'Girl'

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Jamaica Kincaid 's "Girl" (163)

1. Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl” is a daughter’s mimicry of how her mother tells her to perform housekeeping and includes other sensitive topics her mother deems important for proper behavior in her culture. Because of the content and demanding tone, do you find the mother abusive and demeaning, or is something else going on? Explain thoroughly by pointing out passages from the text as your proof
Girl’s mother is unmannerly rude probably she thinks that she knows better from the age point of view as well as she knows better the womankind: “slut you are so bent on becoming.” Mother was treated as a slave her entire life and she doesn’t know a better form of treatment towards another womankind, her own daughter. In
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Why is the mundane setting of the town grocery store so important to Sammy’s story of liberation? Consider middle class America in the early 1960s. Do some research to help answer this question.
The town grocery setting was required to show how America is changing, younger generation starting to question their parents believes in 60s. It was beginning of unstable period of America, three significant people in the history of the United States were killed: President John Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr and Rober Kennedy. Those three leaders represented hopes of younger generation of the America and fought for Civil/Racial/Woman Rights. Then the Vietnam War, all these events made younger generation to rebel. And here is how the town grocery store setting plays huge role, Updike shows entire innocent America as a town store, and how younger generations rebel (Quinnie), by showing “too much of the skin” was inappropriate in 60s. And Sammy quits his job and walks away just like younger generation of 60s walked away from their parents believes.
2. Share one of your own worst job experiences in detail and connect it to Sammy’s. Did you despise the management and/or the work itself? Did you ever quit on the spot? Do you still work there, or what
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It was in Dubai, I was Sr. Electrical Engineer and I had several Foremen under my supervision. One of them have reported to me of not being well, and I have discharged him from the site. On his way out, he met Project Manager, a very moody man and it was one of those days. Project Manager started screaming at my Foreman, cursing and swearing inappropriately. I saw an incident and called police, they helped us to file an official complain to the Ministry of Labor and we filed a law suit at the Labor Court. Obviously we didn’t return to work that day and the following 6 months, company repaid both of us 6 months’ salary and settlement fee.
It cost me the job and further complications, but I kept a good friend relationship until today. He is in Kazakhstan now and I am her, but we are still keeping in
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