An Analysis Of James Farmer's Argument Against Unfair Laws

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According to James Farmer Jr’s closing comments about unjust laws, it is necessary for citizens to protest against unfair laws because laws are intended to be for protection, instead of making people live in fear and laws should be for everyone. An example of why James Farmer Jr thinks laws are meant to protect people is, “My teammates and I saw a man strung up by his neck and set on fire… but the law did nothing.” This quote explains that laws in Texas do not protect people, but are making people afraid because the law does nothing to stop people from getting hurt by others. Another example on why it is necessary to protest against unfair laws is, “Were his children waiting up for him? … Negroes are denied housing, turned away from schools, hospitals.” The quote states that laws are meant to be not only for whites , but everyone should be included. Everyone is human and should be treated equally with laws because everyone wants the best for their family which includes going to the best schools and hospitals. In significance everyone should stop with the racism because all life is precious. A law I would disobey if it threatened my family would be a law which required my family to be separated from me because families are meant to be together to protect one another, they can make they can make the best of any situation by sticking together, but most importantly the love between each other is unconditionally. For example my sister was getting bullied in school and my little brother who is one year older than my sister helped her in school by hanging out with her and told the teachers about the girls who were bullying my sister. My brother protected my sister from the…show more content…
I would be fighting for not only my rights, but for everyone's and there is nothing wrong about that. If anybody wants to change something unfair they have to make a stand. Nobody succeeds without trying or at least making an
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