A Modest Proposal Response

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The autor of the essay “A Modest Proposal” wanted to express so many points of view. Points of views from the rich and poor people. Jonathan Swift use the sarcasm to point the problem in the society at the 18th century. In the 18th century people who needed most, because of the bad economic situation in their home, were the people that suffers most. The bureaucracy in their country was really mark. The rich people take advantage of the poor people and the succumbed to the constant abuse of the rich. The rich people in those days think that because the have money they can treat the people as they want to not respecting the rights of the poor people and using them as slaves. I will give a solution for the poor people in this essay. The overwhelming situation in the 18th century on Ireland were the protestant of Ireland. Confiscation reduces catholic property from the …show more content…

Because is making other people see what poor people may or may not do in some future. It is aldo explaining the meaning of how rich people are taking advantage of the poor in Ireland. I do not judge the story, because thank to this story is making people see what was happening back then. That's not all that i like, this story is saying something and meaning other it has alot of sarcasm. "A Modest Proposal" it is still contivertial at this time. Im not saying that im agreeing with killing babies nir prostituing in some future. Anyway i think this story is tellong the truth in some other words of the rich people that some are selfish. And just to be clear im only talking about the bad rich people because I know their is rich people that are good. And the bad rich that are selfish they need to open their minds and think for others in need for help or otherwise this may or may not happen in some

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