Short Summary: An Analysis Of Kambili

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Kambili is a little girl with many fears, and behind her happy face she pulls off, there is a little girl screaming for a live where she has a voice help. In this extract that is given, there is tension between Kambini and Amaka. It is obvious that Amaka does not know why Kambini is as quiet as she is, and that Amaka has the impression Kambini thinks she is more important than her. In the extract Amaka can’t believe that Kambini is washing up. Amaka is under the incorrect impression when she thinks Kambini has a fancy schedule at home while Kambini does not have the ability to defend herself, without knowing about Kambini’s problem of speaking her mind, because of the silence she has to pull off at home. Her aunt Ifeoma knows her circumstances…show more content…
Towards the end of their father’s life Kambini and Jaja used the silence their father taught them, as a weapon against him. Silence is also used as a type of violence. In the novel Kambili is in a very difficult situation and she has no freedom. In the house she had no voice to speak her mind. At school she is seen as a backyard snob, and she does not have any friends there. The fact that she does not have any friends at school shows that she is quiet at school and that she does not develop her skills in speaking to people. She is trapped in her own world and she does not have the answer in getting out of her situation. When Kambini’s father passed away it was as if she was relieved. There was a silence in their home, but it was a peaceful silence. Kambili’s aunt managed to help Kambini by speaking her mind. Kambini was able to start her live with her own expectations and goals. Her mother was free of her fear and they were able to speak their minds. The silence of not having their father around brought healing to their relationships. This story has many aspects of silence and the struggles of people screaming inside for the opportunity to give their opinion, and it had a very big effect on every person in Kambini’s

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